Students Applaud Government Changes that Will Help International Students Stay in Canada



OTTAWA, November 22, 2016 – The Canadian Alliance of Student Associations would like to commend the recently implemented changes to the Express Entry system through which skilled international students can apply for permanent resident status. The changes, which came into effect over the weekend, will make it easier for international students in Canada to secure permanent resident status and continue to live in and contribute to Canadian society.


“International students often struggle to obtain permanent resident status in Canada following graduation, and many want to,” said John Rix, CASA’s Board Chair and UPEI’s VP. “CASA has been a strong advocate on this issue, having included recommendations in its Innovation Agenda Submission and having supported a recent petition.”


Through the Express Entry system, those seeking to become permanent residents are awarded points towards their application based on criteria like their education, work experience, and language. Previously, points were rewarded equally for graduates from Canadian and international institutions. Under the new rules, up to 30 additional points will be assigned to those whose credentials were earned at Canadian post-secondary institutions, a measure that recognizes the value of having prior experience living in Canada.


John Rix continued, “International students who studied in Canada already have the skills and networks to successfully integrate into the country. These changes to the Express Entry system will be instrumental in helping to attract more talented international students to Canada and improving their chances of obtaining permanent resident status post-graduation.”


More information on the changes to the Express Entry system can be found here.




About CASA:

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