Why join?

CASA aims to provide top value for its members and the students it represents. Below, we've outlined some of the biggest benefits you will get as a member of CASA!

What do student associations get as a member of CASA?

  • The political power of representing 350,000 student voices across the country, and being the only federal student advocacy organization to represent students from Quebec
  • Knowledgeable staff that can transform your students’ concerns into feasible policy requests for the federal government
  • Established connections and a positive reputation on Parliament Hill
  • Professional policy development and advocacy training
  • Access to CASA’s four annual conferences, including Advocacy Week where you get to meet with influential politicians
  • The chance to lead the organization through CASA’s Board of Directors or committees
  • Staff who conduct year-round lobbying for you on Parliament Hill and with stakeholders, who conduct research on student issues, and who manage public relations and communications activities


What do my students get?

The average student pays $2.80 to CASA per year, and now gets $530 more in grants annually due to CASA advocacy!

Thanks to our work, students also get…

  • 45,000 new job opportunities
  • $1 billion more available in research funding
  • More time to pay off their student loan
  • $100 million in financial aid for Indigenous students

To learn more, check out our wins.


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Why join?
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