Hey CASA Alumni, Stay in Touch!

Feeling nostalgic and want to keep in touch with CASA? You're in luck! We are launching a brand new CASA alumni network with its very own quarterly newsletter. The newsletter, CASA Alumnews, (yes, we enjoy puns) will provide subscribers with updates on CASA's activities and new developments in the post-secondary sector. If there is enough interest, the network will also be sent information on CASA alumni meet-ups in their area, and opportunities to volunteer to mentor current CASA delegates. Sign up below to join the alumni network and to receive the e-newsletter. Remember that you are free to unsubscribe at any time.

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Photo of CASA delegates from the year 2000.


Introducing CASA's Alumni Council

For over two decades, student leaders and young professionals have started their careers with CASA, and the organization now has an impressive group of former delegates and staff members. These individuals are uniquely positioned to understand the organization and advise its current members and staff. Therefore, the Alumni Council was created. Its purpose is to enhance the organization's institutional memory, strengthen CASA's reputation among federal decision-makers, provide valuable guidance to the organization, and increase the value of CASA's membership.

When the council is complete, it will comprise of 7 members who are either past CASA members or staff (or both!), and it will be chaired by the Chair of CASA's Board of Directors. To join the Alumni Council, interested CASA alumni must submit an application, which will be reviewed and assessed by CASA's current Board of Directors. Each successful applicant will serve a term of two years on the council, with the option to extend their term for another two years following. Alumni Council members will play an advisory role to current CASA members and staff, will manage the CASA alumni network (including potentially organizing meet-ups or connecting mentors and mentees), and may propose other projects that further CASA's interests. While council members may have partisan backgrounds or beliefs, each member is required to work in a non-partisan capacity and in the best interest of CASA when conducting Alumni Council work. The time commitment required from an Alumni Council member is estimated to be 3-5 hours per month, including attending a monthly conference call.

For any questions about the Alumni Council, please contact

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