Board of Directors


Adam Brown

Students' Union, University of Alberta

Adam Brown is the Vice President External of the University of Alberta Students’ Union and Chair of CASA. He is entering his fourth year of studies working to complete a Bilingual Bachelors of Commerce, majoring in Business Economics and Law. He has also been involved extensively in student governance and politics at the University of Alberta, most recently as the former President of the Association des Universitaires de la Faculté Saint-Jean. With a French Immersion background, Adam has been a proud and active member of Alberta’s francophone community since 2015, in various youth advocacy and community organization efforts.

As the Chair of CASA for the 2018-2019 year, Adam’s priorities this year include, but are not limited to, advocating for more accessible student financial aid, addressing supports for Indigenous peoples to access post-secondary education, and advocating for the expansion of student employment programs subsidized by government. He would also like to look into the expansion of CASA’s membership, as well as continue building CASA’s partnership with the Quebec Student Union. Adam is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with so many talented student leaders from coast to coast in bettering post-secondary education for all students.


Lauren Slegers

Red River College Students' Association

Lauren is the President of the Red River College Students’ Association in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is a recent graduate of the Business Administration diploma program at Red River College, with a major in Administration. While serving her term in office, Lauren is continuing to study Business, working toward a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

As Secretary, Lauren will ensure that CASA maintains good governance practices. She will take minutes for all meetings of the Board and Membership, and ensure that the documentation is organized and transparent. Lauren will also chair the Governance and Internal Review Committee, which reviews the governing documents of the organization and conducts internal reviews as necessary.

As a returning delegate and last year’s Secretary, Lauren is thrilled to take on this role for an additional year. She is very excited to continue interacting and working with the unique and talented group of student leaders who make up CASA.


Will McGuigan

University of Prince Edward Island Student Union

Will McGuigan is the President and CEO of the University of Prince Edward Island Student Union (UPEISU) for the 2018-2019 academic year. Before this, he was the Vice-President Finance and Administration in 2017-2018. He is also currently an active member of the UPEI Business Society, and a fifth year business administration student at UPEI with a specialization in Finance. This is his third year being involved in student government, and he is looking forward to advocating for students across Canada in addition to those within his university.

As the Treasurer, William is responsible for the finances of the organization and ensuring that the budget is reflective of the whole membership’s needs. He believes that financial sustainability is key to the longevity of the organization and wants to ensure that CASA is growing in membership, while also gaining valuable insight into the work that goes such a unique and successful organization.


Victoria Schindler

Director-at-Large, Policy
University of Lethbridge Students' Union

Victoria Schindler is a fifth year Bachelor of Arts student, majoring in Political Science and minoring in History. She is serving as the current Vice-President External for the University of Lethbridge Students' Union in Lethbridge, Alberta. 

Victoria's passion for student advocacy comes from her background working at the University of Lethbridge as a New Student Mentor. While she is deeply engaged with the student body on campus through clubs and extra-curricular activities, Victoria hopes to bring her skills and advocacy to campus to ensure students are aware of the various issues that impact their education and what they can do about them.

As Director-at-Large, Policy, Victoria hopes to work closely with all policy committees to ensure strong policies that promote an accessible and sustainable post-secondary landscape for all students.


Emma Walsh

Director-at-Large, Advocacy
St. Thomas University Students' Union

Emma Walsh currently serves as Vice-President Education for the St. Thomas University Students' Union. She is a fourth-year student at St. Thomas University pursuing a double-honours in political science and human rights. Emma has advocated on issues such as mental healthcare and environmental degradation in the past, and has been recognized in the United States and by the United Nations for excellence in legal advocacy. Through her involvement on St. Thomas University's International Students' Association executive board, Emma has also been heavily involved in advocating for issues surrounding the experience of international students in Canada.

As Director-at-Large, Advocacy, Emma is excited to organize grassroots campaigns all across the country that communicate the pressing matters facing students to the federal government. In doing so, she also wants to place an emphasis on directly engaging students on member campuses with the important work CASA does. Emma is also ready to start direction on the Get Out The Vote campaign for the 2019 federal election. In her work, Emma hopes to place careful consideration on advocating in a way that is accessible and inclusive to all. 


Gurvir Gill

Director-at-Large, Membership
University of the Fraser Valley Student Union Society

Gurvir Gill, more commonly known as “G”, is from the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV), where he was re-elected as President of the Student Union Society. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts with concentrations Business, Communications, and Marketing. Gurvir focused his first year in office on internal projects for his student union, including leading a significant budget change, increasing the campus shuttle program, and getting approval for a first-ever "Non-Instructional Orientation Day" at UFV. 
G's focus this year as the elected Director-at-Large, Membership is to connect and expand the membership. The membership is as active as they are connected, which is why Gurvir is focusing on engaging the various student associations who make up CASA's membership through team building activities and group workshops. Additionally, G aims to grow CASA's membership and broaden its representation in terms of both geography as well as type of post-secondary institution.


Yana Titarenko

Mount Allison Students' Union

Born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine, Fredericton NB quickly became a place she calls home when she moved there at the age of 10. Yana is a fourth-year Bachelor of Science student majoring in Psychology. She is serving as the current Vice President External for the Mount Allison Students’ Union (MASU) in Sackville, New Brunswick.

Yana was the Vice President Communications of the MASU during the 2017-18 year along with having been the SHARE Peer Educator Mentor where she developed a by-stander training, worked on sexual violence awareness and other related initiatives on campus. Additionally, she is going into her third year of volunteering as the Athletic Trainer for Mount Allison Varsity Sports with having worked with the Women’s Volleyball team and this year working with the Mounties Football team. 

This year, Yana is looking forward to her role as the Director at-Large with a focus on equity and accessibility. She hopes to work with the membership to provide the opportunity for CASA members to sponsor students from diverse backgrounds to attend our conferences so that we are able to have as much representation as possible. Yana also hopes to implement an equity and diversity workshop for our membership along with being a great resource for anything related to accessibility and equity issues on our member schools. Overall, she is looking forward to working with the membership and the Board of Directors to improve the organization so that it best represents all students that attend post-secondary education.

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Board of Directors
Board of Directors
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