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Adam Brown

University of Alberta Students' Union

Adam Brown is returning as both the Vice President External of the University of Alberta Students’ Union and Chair of CASA. He is entering his fifth year of studies working to complete a Bilingual Bachelors of Commerce, majoring in Business Economics and Law. He has also been involved extensively in student governance and politics at the University of Alberta, including as the former President of the Association des Universitaires de la Faculté Saint-Jean. With a French Immersion background, Adam has been a proud and active member of Alberta’s francophone community since 2015, in various youth advocacy and community organization efforts.

As the Chair of CASA for the 2019-2020 year, Adam’s priorities this year include, but are not limited to, advocating for more accessible student financial aid, addressing supports for Indigenous peoples to access post-secondary education, and advocating for the expansion of student employment programs subsidized by government. He will also be working towards a successful Get Out the Vote campaign with the Board, staff, and membership for the federal election, as well as continuing to build CASA’s partnership with the Quebec Student Union. Adam is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with so many talented student leaders from coast to coast in bettering post-secondary education for all students.


Brandon Simmons

Athabasca University Students' Union

Bio coming soon.


Gurvir Gill

University of the Fraser Valley Student Union Society

Gurvir Gill, more commonly known as “G”, is from the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV), where he was elected as Vice President External of the Student Union Society. He has just completed his Bachelor of Arts with concentrations in Business and Communications. Gurvir focused his years in office on creating opportunities for his students. He's grown the organization to be in a good place for increased engagement and operation expansions.
G's focus this year as the elected Treasurer is to engage the membership when it comes to the organization's budget. G plans to do this by providing monthly budget updates to members, and by making the budget more easily digestible. As well, G plans to help CASA run this year's Get Out The Vote campaign. As a returning Board member, G envisions playing a big role in helping the membership understand the organization's financials and in getting students out to vote during the election.


Bryn de Chastelain

Director-at-Large, Policy
Saint Mary’s University Students’ Association

Bryn de Chastelain is the Vice President Academic and Advocacy for the Saint Mary’s University Students’ Association (SMUSA). He is a third-year Bachelor of Arts student with a double major in Political Science and Economics, with a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies. He has been heavily involved in Model UN programs and has advocated extensively for mental health and sexual violence resources on his campus. This is his first year in student politics and he is excited to interact with students across the country and advocate for their interests.

As Director-at-Large, Policy, Bryn is keen to pursue new policy initiatives while simultaneously ensuring that all of CASA’s policies are relevant and updated. He is committed to advocating for accessible and quality post-secondary education through focuses in work-integrated learning, financial aid, and resources for under-represented student populations. He is interested in amplifying the student voice and is dedicated to raising concerns to relevant stakeholders. Bryn looks forward to engaging CASA’s membership to create policy initiatives that are representative of students and student issues across the country. 


Emma Drake

Director-at-Large, Advocacy
University of Prince Edward Island Students' Union

Bio coming soon.


Garrett Koehler

Director-at-Large, Membership
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Students' Association

Garrett is a third year Business Human Resources students at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology located in Calgary Alberta. He is serving his second term for SAITSA as the Vice President External as well as his first term as the Director at Large Membership for CASA.

Garrett is a passionate advocate for sexual violence support for victims, having worked last year to push the provincial government to implement 10 standard policies to protect victims of sexual violence. He was also the co-chair of the Alberta Students’ Executive Council’s Get Out the Vote campaign, which increased voter turnout among Alberta college students significantly. As Chair of CASA’s Trades and Technology Committee last year, Garrett helped the organization restructure its committees to ensure the voices of college and graduate students remained at the forefront.

This year, Garrett will be working towards a wide variety of goals, including expanding CASA membership and ensuring all CASA members are receiving full value from their membership with CASA.

Before his time in the student movement, Garrett was a lifeguard and swim coach for the Glencoe Gators. He also loves hockey and cheers for the Ottawa Senators.


Yana Titarenko

Mount Allison Students' Union

Born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine, Fredericton NB quickly became a place she calls home when she moved there at the age of 10. Yana is a fourth-year Bachelor of Science student majoring in Psychology. She is serving as the current Vice President External for the Mount Allison Students’ Union (MASU) in Sackville, New Brunswick.

Yana was the Vice President Communications of the MASU during the 2017-18 year along with having been the SHARE Peer Educator Mentor where she developed a by-stander training, worked on sexual violence awareness and other related initiatives on campus. Additionally, she is going into her third year of volunteering as the Athletic Trainer for Mount Allison Varsity Sports with having worked with the Women’s Volleyball team and this year working with the Mounties Football team. 

This year, Yana is looking forward to her role as the Director at-Large with a focus on equity and accessibility. She hopes to work with the membership to provide the opportunity for CASA members to sponsor students from diverse backgrounds to attend our conferences so that we are able to have as much representation as possible. Yana also hopes to implement an equity and diversity workshop for our membership along with being a great resource for anything related to accessibility and equity issues on our member schools. Overall, she is looking forward to working with the membership and the Board of Directors to improve the organization so that it best represents all students that attend post-secondary education.

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Board of Directors
Board of Directors
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