Easy in, easy out

CASA has always operated under the policy that it should be easy to both join and leave the organization; we call it the easy in/easy out policy.

How to Join

CASA requires that the interested association follow whatever legislative steps their constitution and bylaws call for in terms of joining an external organization. This can be through a vote by the association’s legislative body, by referendum, or by any other mechanisms identified in the association’s constitution and bylaws. Once an association has decided to join CASA, a written application is made to the CASA membership. This letter of intent commits the student association to abide by CASA’s constitution and bylaws as long as they remain a member of the organization. The final step in the process is to have the CASA membership approve and ratify the membership status of the interested association. More details are available in CASA’s Bylaws.

How to Leave

CASA understands that there are situations which may lead an association to want to leave. In these instances it is important that the process be clear and easy for all parties involved. If a member chooses to change their membership status in CASA, they may do so by employing the necessary legislative steps in their constitution and bylaws. According to CASA’s bylaw, where a member intends to withdraw from the Corporation, the member must provide written notice of the member’s intention to submit a motion to terminate its membership status in the Corporation no less than thirty (30) days and no more than ninety (90) days before the date the member submits a motion.

Termination of membership shall take effect ninety (90) days after the Corporation receives a certified resolution of the member confirming its intention to withdraw from membership or upon such later date within the Corporation’s membership year as designated by the member.

Any and all membership dues then outstanding for the membership year in which the withdrawal from membership takes effect shall be due and owing to the Corporation on the date the member’s termination of membership takes effect.

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Easy In, Easy Out
Easy in, easy out
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