Making Canada a Global Innovation Leader: CASA's Innovation Agenda Submission

Students are the innovators of the future, and to succeed they need access to modern, high-quality programs at Canadian educational institutions. Universities and colleges are built to educate students, develop global citizens, support research, and foster a sense creativity that will benefit Canadian society both socially and economically.


These institutions also play a central role in partnering with the private sector, civil society and government. These partnerships support research and skills development for students ensuring that they have hands-on experience and the chance to develop new ideas before entering the workforce of tomorrow. If the federal government is to advance its innovation agenda, investments in post-secondary education must be at the core of its plans.


The federal government must play a central role in ensuring all Canadians have access to high-quality education and skills development in order to create a more innovative and entrepreneurial citizenry. That is why the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) is calling on the federal government to invest in students and post-secondary education as a means of making Canada a global innovation leader.



  • Expanding student financial aid and experiential learning
  • Attracting and retaining international students
  • Research funding reform
  • Investing in comprehensive labour market information
  • Transitioning graduates to the workforce
  • Investing in education through digital infrastructure
  • Supporting open educational resources
  • Protecting student intellectual property