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Whether you’re a student, a post-secondary sector stakeholder, a parliamentarian, or a journalist, we need your help to continue making strides in improving Canada's post-secondary education system. Here’s how you can help:


I’m a post-secondary student in Canada

Good news! You are a very important stakeholder in post-secondary education. Your opinion matters and there are a number of ways you can help to improve Canadian post-secondary education. Here’s how:


Learn about the issues and share

You're a student, so chances are you're already aware of and may even be dealing with some common #studentproblems. But to understand the best approach to solving them, you will likely need to do a little reading. CASA has a number of heavily researched publications on its website that explain various student issues and our policy solutions for them, in depth. If you're looking for lighter reading, we also have short summaries of common student issues available to keep you informed. By reading up on the issues affecting post-secondary students and on CASA's recommendations to address them, then going on to share what you’ve learned with friends and family, you can help raise awareness.

Write a letter to your local MP

One of the best ways to incite change is by making sure your voice is heard among policy-makers. Members of Parliament (MPs) are elected to represent their constituents and that means you! By communicating with your MP, you are helping to inform them of important issues that they have the power to change. Not to mention that writing a letter to your MP is free, since no stamp is required when mailing to the House of Commons. You can easily find your local MP here by entering your postal code on the right-hand search bar.


Join your student association

Student associations fill the important role of representing their student body and working to improve student life on and off campus. Student associations often help combat student issues by establishing helpful student services, by organizing campaigns, and often by advocating internally (at the school), provincially, and federally. These efforts can be amplified by joining CASA, which unites campuses from across the country and provides them with the resources and expertise to make a greater impact in their advocacy to the federal government.


Engage online

Thanks to ever-evolving technology, the power to spread information now rests in your hands. This means you can help to press for change simply by engaging online. CASA regularly posts press releases with important updates about post-secondary education which you can share with your social media network. We also post petitions and organize campaigns at times, so be sure to keep an eye out for those as well. The more voices we have supporting improved education in Canada, the more government will pay attention and take action! Keep an eye out on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for opportunities to engage online.


I am a post-secondary education sector stakeholder

To have the biggest possible impact, CASA collaborates with several valued post-secondary stakeholders, including provincial student advocacy organizations and other industry stakeholders. We support each other and often work together to get the word out about pressing issues affecting Canadian post-secondary education. If you work for an organization that focuses on post-secondary education, youth political or civic engagement, Indigenous education, or other, and feel that there is an opportunity for us to collaborate, feel free to contact us.


I am a politician in the federal government

You hold the responsibility of making policy changes that will impact Canada’s students and their futures. One of the best ways you can keep in touch with students’ concerns and ideas is by meeting directly with CASA. Full-time staff is available to meet throughout the year on Parliament Hill, and student leaders from our membership may be available to meet in your home riding. One of the best opportunities for you to meet our students is by arranging a meeting during our annual Advocacy Week, which takes place in Ottawa during late October or November. If you have already met with CASA and are seeking more information on our policy recommendations and/or research, you may consult our publications or get in contact with us directly.


I am a journalist

CASA welcomes media coverage as it helps us to spread the word about student issues. A great way for you to keep up-to-date on news relating to post-secondary education is by consulting our press releases, which address changes and announcements impacting the lives of post-secondary students in Canada. If you are seeking comment for a story, you can schedule an interview by contacting our Communications and Public Relations Officer at [email protected] or 613-236-3457 ext. 224.

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