Government decisions affect your education. CASA is a student-driven organization dedicated to advocacy on post-secondary issues. Representatives of CASA regularly meet with federal politicians, civil servants, and ministerial and political party staff. All of these individuals have a role to play in the decision-making process.


National Advocacy Strategy

Recent trends in the public affairs sector make effective communication to the membership of your organization paramount to your success. Feedback from members strengthens the quality of arguments CASA puts forward. An informed and engaged base of support is essential to building political capital. Showing decision makers there is broad support for CASA’s policy positions increases the political will to address student issues. This is especially true if the support comes from close to home.


Our National Advocacy Strategy is based on the principle that all politics are local. CASA aims to have every member association engaging federal politicians in their own constituencies. To facilitate this, CASA has formed the National Advocacy Team. Team members devise and implement strategies to engage local officials. Their task is to inform MPs of student activities on campus and in their communities. Awareness of the contributions students make will translate to increased attention to student issues in Ottawa.


The strength of CASA depends entirely on its members. What we are able to accomplish together is far greater than what any could accomplish alone. The organization relies on students sharing their experiences about the social and financial challenges of attending college or university. Conveying these concerns to student leaders on your campuses will ensure CASA is fully prepared to respond to the needs of Canada’s student population.

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