Why the Student Vote Matters

In the 2015 federal election, voter turnout among 18-25 year olds increased by 12 percentage points, for the biggest turnout ever!

This shows that young people are ENGAGED in and CARE about politics.

Millennials will be the dominant voting bloc in the 2019 federal election...

and roughly 2 million of those millennials are students.

Post-secondary students are more likely to vote than other young Canadians.

Students are looking for a party that will make post-secondary education more affordable and create good jobs for young people.

To do this, government can:

  • Provide students who need it with more financial aid, especially graduate and Indigenous students
  • Promote safer campuses free from sexual violence and hold institutions accountable
  • Keep our talented international students after graduation by reducing immigration barriers
  • Provide relevant, paid work opportunities to students from all fields of study
  • Put research funds directly in student hands





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Why the Student Vote Matters
Why the Student Vote Matters
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