Pre-Budget Submission 2017: Supporting Progressive Economic Growth Through Investments in Post-Secondary Education

In Budget 2016, the Government of Canada took significant steps to create economic growth that was inclusive of all Canadians. University and college students applauded steps to make education more accessible and affordable, to foster skills development and to promote primary research. For 2017, Canada’s students are calling on the government to continue to invest in a way that is reflective of the Canadian ideal of equity. 

While there is no single solution for long-term economic growth, ensuring that all Canadians can become highly trained and educated is at the core of creating a stable, fair and prosperous economic future. An educated population is also proven to create more engaged citizens with far greater social benefits for communities throughout the country. 

By ensuring all Canadians have access to high-quality education and skills development, the government also preserves its economic future. It is why the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) is calling on the federal government to lead Canada by continuing to invest in an inclusive knowledge economy.