Dawson Thomas

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Students' Association
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Oki, Hello, My name is Dawson Andrew Thomas & am the current Vice President at SAIT’s Student Association (Saitsa) in Calgary, Alberta. I’m enrolled in the Hospitality & event Management program entering my second year. This is also my second year with Saitsa as a board of director previously serving as the Vice Chair. 

Alongside to being on the board I also served as a Pride Student Leader with institution working with the Pride at SAIT Committee, while leveraging my connections as the President of the LGBTQ+ Club. 

I am really looking forward to working as a board member as my first year with CASA & all of the new / returning members and staff. I am just as excited to be taking on the role of chairing the ‘Governance & Internal Review Committee’ to oversee policy / governing documents as required. I can’t wait to get started by upholding all the duties and responsibilities of the Secretary for this board, reviewing minutes, scheduling meetings and ensuring my own smooth transition into office. 

I know I’ll bring my own positive energy, knowledge of governance structurers, policy updates, Bylaw understanding and organizational skills to help further support CASA. This past year I was involved in reshaping Saitsa’s governance structure and Bylaw’s to a brand-new model presented at our AGM to allow ourselves to better advocate for the student’s at SAIT.

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Dawson Thomas
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