CASA Publishes Their Latest Policy Paper

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The National Indigenous Advocacy Committee (NIAC) is a national advocacy body within CASA, composed of Indigenous students from across Turtle Island. This group represents Indigenous students’ advocacy interests within CASA and believes that access to post-secondary education is an inherent treaty right, guaranteed under the Numbered Treaties (1871-1921).

NIAC’s mission is to ensure Indigenous students are being given opportunities to enter and succeed in post-secondary, as well as to advocate for increased action to meet the Truth & Reconciliation Commission’s 94 calls to action.

CASA envisions a post-secondary system where Indigenous learners have opportunities to access post-secondary education and meaningful career-relevant experiences while studying, and are able to draw on the considerable knowledge and expertise they develop in their studies as they embark on their careers. CASA envisions a country where all Indigenous learners who want to access post-secondary education have opportunities to do so, where they can make the most of their skills and abilities, and where they can pursue a career field through which they have the opportunity to meaningfully contribute and impact their families, home communities, and broader economy.

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Reclaiming and Reimagining - Post Secondary Accessibility for Indigenous Learners
Reclaiming and Reimagining - Post Secondary Accessibility for Indigenous Learners
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