5 Things That Happened at CASA's Policy and Strategy Conference 2017

CASA’s Policy and Strategy conference is the organization’s direction-setting conference. Hosted by the Athabasca University Students’ Union (AUSU) from July 24th to 27th, student leaders from CASA’s 21 member associations came together in Kananaskis, Alberta to select priority areas for the year and to develop projects for the year. The goal of the conference was to place CASA’s membership firmly in control of the direction and focus of the organization for the year ahead.


1. Capilano Student Union’s Membership Approved

CASA’s membership proudly accepted Capilano Students’ Union’s application to join during the opening plenary. The Vancouver-based students’ union will join CASA on September 1st and will be its 22nd member association.


CASA's members giving a standing ovation as they approve Capilano Student Union's membership


2. CASA has Approved Policy Themes for the Year

At our Policy and Strategy Conference, CASA’s members approved five theme areas as priorities for the organization over the next year:

  • Health and wellness
  • Indigenous students
  • Educational materials
  • International students
  • Financial barriers to post-secondary education

CASA will focus heavily on these five areas in the year to come, producing research documents and advocacy materials on each. CASA will also look to actively create new opportunities for moving students' interests forward on these files with the federal government. It is important to note that CASA will not solely focus on these areas.

3. CASA’s Committees Developed their Work Plans

CASA’s standing committees (Federal Policy Committee, National Advocacy Committee, Graduate Committee, Trades & Technology Committee, Member Relations Committee and Internal Review Committee) drafted and submitted work plans to CASA’s membership for approval. These plans outlined the specific projects each committee would be undertaking in the next year, and which members of the committee would be responsible for that work. These documents, along with CASA’s Board Action Plan, set out the strategic goals for CASA’s membership. Updates on the committee work plans will be provided to CASA’s membership at Advocacy Week and AGM.

4. CASA’s Board Action Plan was Approved

CASA’s Board presented its action plan to the membership for approval. The action plan outlines specific initiatives the Board will take during their term to strengthen CASA. Each Board member was tasked with drafting a section related to their portfolio, which included an actionable and a timeline. Board members work directly with CASA’s committees to ensure that the organization’s objectives are met. Membership will be provided updates at Advocacy Week and AGM.

5. CASA’s Audit YE2017 was Approved

CASA’s YE2017 audited financials statements were presented to the membership and approved during plenary. CASA’s audited financials are available on the governance page of CASA's website.



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Policy and Strategy Conference 2017
5 Things That Happened at CASA's Policy and Strategy Conference 2017
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