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Canada’s population is aging and our labour force is in decline. Our future prosperity depends more than ever on two crucial resources: highly educated people and world-class research. The success of our colleges, universities, and students is critical to sustained economic growth and the societal wellbeing of our nation. Increasing the amount of post-secondary graduates in Canada will help to provide much needed labour market flexibility in the years to come. 

The incentives for individuals to get a college or university education are obvious, but the opportunity to
attend is unequal and the associated costs are increasingly high. Students and youth across Canada
believe that no barrier should stand between any willing and qualified person and a high quality
post-secondary education.

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Canada’s post-secondary education system is a magnet for global talent. Just as more students from around the world are learning in new settings, digitized content now allows access to ideas from anywhere. Knowledge is now created and shaped in a global context and the policy environment surrounding our research has to keep pace if Canada is to persist as a world leader.

Accelerating technological advancements guarantee that change will happen at a faster rate and on a larger scale than in the past. In this environment, Canadians will find that the most useful tool for achieving success is knowledge. It will be vital to improve not only the quality and impact of research outcomes in Canada, but also the distribution and communication of these outcomes to a global community. 

Canadians expect their federal government to play a leading role in providing financial assistance, as well as funding world-class research. 

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Leaps & Bounds
Leaps & Bounds
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