GOTV Observer Payment

Campaign date: Orientation week (usually end of August or early September) to October 21st (election day)

Cost: Early bird price $2,500 per non-member student association / Regular price $3,000 per non-member student association

What the cost covers:

  • Permission to participate in CASA's national Get Out The Vote campaign and to use the official branding
  • Access to a comprehensive instruction manual on how to run the campaign
  • Get Out The Vote conference registration fee for as many delegates as you'd like to send and training on the following topics:
    • Pledge collection tactics
    • How to organize events/debates on campus
    • Communications/social media plan
    • Engaging the media
    • How to remain non-partisan
    • How to train & recruit volunteers
    • Digital security & how to use CASA's campaign digital infrastructure
  • Print materials and branded swag (T-shirts not included)
  • Support from CASA's Home Office staff on running the campaign
  • One 'campaign lead' of your choice will have access to CASA's digital campaign infrastructure

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Contributions are not tax deductible.

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GOTV Observer Payment
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