Foundations Conference 2019 Schedule

This schedule is tentative and may change.


Day 1 May 27th



Registration for the CASA conference opens.




In this interactive session, new delegates will have an opportunity to meet each other over games.  Light refreshments will be served.


Day 2 May 28th


Introduction and Elder Opening

CASA welcomes new and returning delegates to the organization. CASA’s staff and board will run an overview of the conference and what the objectives are. The conference will open with an opening address from an Indigenous Elder who will acknowledge the Algonquin People, on whose traditional land the conference is taking place.

9:00 - 10:00 am

What is CASA

What exactly is the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA)? This session will give incoming delegates a brief overview of the organization.  It will also summarize and review the webinars regarding the organizational structure, committee and purpose of the organization.

10:00 - 10:15 am



Guest Speaker: Quebec Student Union

Description: The Quebec Student Union and CASA have a partnership agreement that sees both groups come to the federal government with shared advocacy priorities. This presentation will provide delegates an overview of the relationship and its benefits.


Concurrent Session: (For Returning Delegates Only)

What it means to be a returning delegate?

This session for returning delegates will provide an overview of what it means to member of CASA for a second (or third+ year).  What are the additional responsibilities and how can you get the most out of your CASA experience.


Code of Conduct

During this session delegates will be introduced to CASA’s Code of Conduct policy. This will include exploring why we have one, what it does, who and what code of conduct officers are and how best to ensure that all delegates feel safe and welcome during our conferences.  


Brief Summary of Robert’s Rules and Opening Plenary

Delegates will be provided a brief overview of Robert’s Rules of Order and the general functioning of formal meetings of CASA’s members. This will help them understand their role and responsibilities when sitting around a plenary table. CASA’s members officially open the conference with an opening plenary session. The minutes from AGM are presented, the agenda is voted on and Code of Conduct Officers are officially selected.

11:30- 12:15pm

Political Climate Update

CASA GRSO will provide an overview of the political climate across the country.


Lunch (Not provided)


Lunch and Learn- Board Positions

Thinking of running for the board?  Bring your lunch to this lunch and learn session where staff and former board members can answer your questions about what it means to be a CASA board member.


Guest Speaker Abacus Data

In this Q&A Abacus Data will share the recent polling on student priorities for the upcoming general election.




Issues that matter to you and your SA/SU

Every year CASA’s members must come together and decide on their priorities for the year. The process for this is called the Themes Selection Process and it will be covered in detail during this session.  


Voluntary Student Unionism Session

In this interactive session delegates will have an opportunity to discuss voluntary student unionism and CASA’s response.


Observer Roundtable

During this session, observers will have an opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification about CASA.


Day 3 May 29th


Day in Brief

CASA staff will provide an overview of today’s sessions.


Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Campaign Launch

In this session delegates will get an overview of the 2019 CASA GOTV Campaign.


Political Panel

Political Panel moderated by CASA's chair and political representatives to talk about federal advocacy, post-secondary education and the importance of the student vote.




Guest Speaker Elections Canada

In this session Elections Canada will discuss the vote on campus program and the many ways students can participate in the upcoming general election.


GOTV & Lessons from your predecessor

In this interactive session CASA’s GRSO will provide an overview of the GOTV campaign and provide lessons from your predecessor.  


Lunch (Not provided)


Cultural Competency/Anti-Oppression Training

In this interactive session delegates will come to a common understanding of expectation and inclusion for CASA conferences.

Day 4 May 30th


Day in Brief

CASA staff will provide an overview of the day.


Advocacy Training

Professional advocates will provide training on advocacy and government relations. The session will focus on the work that delegates perform in their roles at CASA and in their own institutions.


Lunch (Not Provided)


Blanket Exercise

Led by an Indigenous Elder in this interactive session, participants will be walked through the historical experience of Indigenous peoples in Canada.


Board and Committee Positions

Staff will provide a brief overview on the board and committee positions and the election process.


Board of Directors Update and Board of Directors Elections

The outgoing Board will give a final update to the membership and present ongoing projects they have been working on. The membership will then elect a new Board of Directors.

Please Note this session may run long.

Day 5 May 31


Strategic Plan Update

CASA's Executive Director will give an overview of the Strategic Plan and update the membership on progress made.


How to Read a Budget and Financial Update 101

In this session delegates will have an opportunity to learn the importance of financial literacy, how to write and create a budget.


Member Sponsorship Program Update

In this session delegates will be provided with an update of the upcoming Member sponsorship program and how each member association can participate.




Policy Session

CASA’s staff will provide an introduction to policy development. This session will provide delegates with the tools to begin thinking about how they can create solutions to the problems they have identified on campus. This session is designed to introduce the topic, and more significant training will be provided to all of the policy-focused committees.  


From Here to Policy and strategy Conference

This session will inform delegates of the dates of the next conference, what we will be discussing/deciding at the conference, what will be occurring at the membership level from May to November, and how to prepare in advance of this conference, as well as the rest of the year.


Lunch (Not Provided)


Closing Plenary

Delegates decide on CASA business. Delegates will also elect permanent members to CASA’s standing committees and will attend to other business outlined on the plenary agenda.

Note: It is possible that closing plenary may run later into the evening. Please plan travel accordingly.

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Foundations Conference 2019 Schedule
Foundations Conference 2019 Schedule
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