Aaron Ramos

Director-at-Large, Membership
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Student Association
[email protected]

Aaron is a 1st Generation Filipino Canadian (He/Him) who is the current President at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Student association (SAITSA) and is also taking a bachelor’s in business administration with a focus in Marketing. Aaron believes that many voices coming together as one unified voice, is a much smoother and powerful melody that creates change and push the student movement forward for years to come!

This being Aaron’s second year, he has heard the stories of students from diverse backgrounds and continues to search for the unique perspectives that can guide the student movement in a progressive and sustainable direction.

When not actively pursuing advocacy and student life challenges, Aaron teaches music to children, volunteers, enjoys hikes, building friendships and works on cars!

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Sana Banu - Director, Membership, CASA
Aaron Ramos
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