Ahmad Baker

Director-at-Large, Advocacy
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Students Association
[email protected]

Ahmad Baker is the President of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Students’ Association (SAITSA) and pursuing his second year in Software Development. As an international student, Ahmad's advocacy journey began on the student council of an accredited school part of "British Schools in the Middle East" in Qatar, where he focused on mental well-being and lifestyle improvements. He then assumed the role of SAIT's inaugural Global Student Ambassador, enhancing the international student experience.


Ahmad believes in the power of student advocacy to shape a brighter future. By amplifying voices, he aims to address current issues and pave the way for a more equitable and inclusive society where every student can thrive. Drawing from his firsthand experience as an international student, Ahmad is dedicated to shedding light on vulnerable student concerns and enhancing their journey. Committed to thorough advocacy, he collaborates closely with CASA’s membership to ensure all concerns are well-studied and ready for presentation to the federal government.


In his leisure time, Ahmad enjoys playing football, singing, and spending quality time with friends and family.

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Ahmad Baker
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