CASA's 2019 Pre-Budget Submission

CASA submitted recommendations to the government's Finance Committee, on where we think they should invest in the upcoming federal budget to improve post-secondary education and help students.

Summary of recommendations:

  • Recommendation 1: That the federal government give new post-secondary graduates a 6-month, interest-free period before they have to begin paying back their student loans.
  • Recommendation 2: That the federal government work with other provinces to make the Canada Learning Bond more easily accessible, by integrating Registered Education Savings Plan referrals with the online birth registration service.
  • Recommendation 3: That the federal government create an upfront, non-repayable Canada Student Grant for graduate students with high financial need at an estimated cost of $58 million.
  • Recommendation 4: That the Tri-Council Agencies use some of this money to reinvest in student programs. We recommend a $25 million increase to student programs for each of the Tri-Council Agencies.
  • Recommendation 5: That the federal government remove the requirement for international students to seek an additional work permit to pursue co-op and internship opportunities, and instead automatically permit this work under the international student study permit.


The Canadian Alliance of Student Associations advocates for better post-secondary education and aims to improve the lives of students. L'Alliance canadienne des associations étudiantes défend les intérêts des étudiant(e)s.
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CASA's 2019 Pre-Budget Submission
CASA's 2019 Pre-Budget Submission
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