Students Urge the Government of Canada to Reinvest in Canada Student Grants Before Funding Runs Out

Ottawa, 22 February 2023 - Students in Canada are facing rising tuition fees, sky-high grocery prices, and rents at all-time highs. In July 2023, the doubling of the Canada Student Grants Program is set to expire, meaning many students will be left with less financial aid in a more expensive Canada. 

The Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) has launched the #HalfYourCSG campaign, urging the government to reinvest in Canada Student Grants and urgently support current students. #HalfYourCSG will collect and showcase the stories of students relying on Canada Student Grants across the country, to demonstrate the impact that Canada Student Grant maximums dropping from $6000 to $3000 will have on students.

The low and middle-income students that benefit from Canada Student Grants are facing the fact that next school year, they could have $3000 less in their bank account than they had at this time last year,” said Christian Fotang, Chair of CASA. “That’s $3000 less that students can spend on groceries, rent, transportation, and tuition. That’s $3000 less that students can spend supporting their dependents. That’s $3000 worth of sacrifices they will have to make.”

In 2020, the Government of Canada doubled the amount of Canada Student Grants students were eligible for in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, raising federal grant maximums from $3000 to $6000. This investment was renewed in the 2021 budget for two years but is set to run out in July 2023, just as students are facing record-high costs of living across Canada. 

Canada Student Grants are a critical pillar in the accessibility of post-secondary education in Canada. In 2022-23 alone over 500,000 students accessed the program. Recipients of Canada Student Grants have academic goals and career aspirations that they want to achieve, and by continuing the doubling of Canada Student Grants, this government can give students their best chance at success.

CASA understands the importance of fiscal responsibility in times of high inflation but urges the government to support low- and middle-income students through existing programs, to support the accessibility of post-secondary education in Canada. 

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The Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) is launching the #HalfYourCSG campaign to emphasize the importance and impact that permanently doubling funding to Canada Student Grants will have on students across the country. 

CASA is a non-partisan, not-for-profit advocacy organization representing students at 23 student associations across the country. Through our partnership with the Québec Student Union/Union étudiante du Québec (UEQ), CASA represents 365,000 students across Canada. CASA advocates for accessible, affordable, innovative, and high-quality post-secondary education in Canada.  For over 25 years, CASA has done so successfully through policy and research development, awareness campaigns, government relations efforts, and partnerships with other stakeholders in the education sector. 

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CASA Launches #HalfYourCSG Campaign
CASA Launches #HalfYourCSG Campaign
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