Election Student Engagement Toolkit

The Canadian Alliance of Student Associations or CASA is running a Get out the Vote (GOTV) campaign on their member campuses to increase voter mobilization and get more students to vote.

In addition, we are working with Elections Canada to ensure that students have all the information on when, where and the ways to vote including getting students engaged in the Elections Canada Vote on Campus program, as well as to promote job opportunities at the next federal election.

Even if you are not member of CASA, this information may be useful to engage students on your campus about the upcoming federal election.

CASA’s GOTV campaign is specifically geared at helping students vote. Students are one of the groups of voters who face barriers to the electoral process, and many of them are first-time voters. That is why CASA is committed to providing information on how to vote, how to work at the election and tips and tricks for mobilizing students to get out and vote. The primary element of the campaign is collecting pledge to vote.



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Election Student Engagement Toolkit
Election Student Engagement Toolkit
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