On Tuesday December 6th 2023, CASA presented to the Senate Committee for National Finance (NFFN) in support of the passing of Bill C-32; one which allows for the permanent removal of interest on Canada Student Loans. Federal student loan interest removal has been a topic of discussion within the post secondary world for a long time now, beginning specifically at the political level back in 2016. Initially started as a pandemic measure, interest removal has been temporarily in affect since March 30th, 2020. Since then, students across the country have benefitted from lower monthly payments, allowing them to more comfortably pay off their federal loans. CASA believes that post secondary education should be affordable for everyone, and the continued removal of Canada Student Loan interest is a great step to accomplishing that goal. CASA testified at this committee to make sure Canada Student Loan interest is permanently removed for past, present and future students across Canada.

This testimony can also be viewed with full French and English audio translations on ParlVU.



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Students Discuss the Impacts of Bill C-32 and the Benefits of Federal Student Loan Interest Removal
Students Discuss the Impacts of Bill C-32 and the Benefits of Canada Student Loan Interest Removal
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