Advocacy Week 2017 Observer Guidelines

Code of Conduct

  1. As is the case with all participants at CASA’s conferences, Observers are required to abide by CASA’s Code of Conduct.

Participation during CASA Conferences

  1. Members shall decide before the beginning of any breakout sessions, committee meetings or other similar informal planning sessions held by CASA members, what rules they wish members to adhere to for the session in question, and shall be responsible for communicating those rules to observers prior to the session commencing.
  2. Observer schools are encouraged to participate in discussions, ask questions of member schools, and otherwise to engage in lines of inquiry that help clarify for themselves the nature of CASA operations, policy and advocacy goals. 



  1. Observer schools are invited to view the plenary session, but will not be permitted to sit at the plenary table.
  2. Speaking permissions can be given to an observer by a CASA member school.
  3. The membership, at its own discretion, can, by a majority vote, choose to enter in an “in-camera” session during pleanry. Should this occur, all Observers and non-members are required to leave the room.


Advocacy Week

  1. Participation of observers during Advocacy Week is at the discretion of CASA’s Board and is primarily done achieve the overall goals of the organization – namely the promotion of an affordable, accessible, innovative and high quality PSE system.
  2. Observers are expected to present on CASA’s priorities when in scheduled meetings. Should an observer not feel comfortable with a CASA ask, they may choose to not present on that issue. However, they are requested to not openly disagree or disparage CASA priorities. Doing so may jeopardize CASA’s ability to provide the observer with additional meetings during Advocacy week.
  3. Though CASA will endeavor to provide observers with as many meetings as possible, CASA staff will prioritize CASA’s members when new meeting opportunities arise. 
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Advocacy Week 2017 Observer Guidelines
Advocacy Week 2017 Observer Guidelines
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