Advocacy Week

The Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) organizes one of the largest advocacy efforts in Ottawa every year, Advocacy Week. Student leaders from across the country gather together to meet with Members of Parliaments (MPs), Ministers, Senators, public servants and stakeholders to press for improvements to Canada's post-secondary education system. Because CASA is a student-led organization, our members develop the policies and set the advocacy priorities that are presented during this week.


Before you go out to your first meeting, CASA's staff will provide you with lobby training sessions, as well as pre-prepared talking points backed up with background information and research. Over the course of the week, staff will be available to provide you with feedback and assistance, as needed. Attendees will have a guaranteed four meeting minimum, though we aim to get each participant into 5-7 meetings with federal decision-makers. Observer (non-member) student associations are also welcome to attend, as this is an excellent opportunity for a student association to become familiar with CASA, but also to develop their understanding of federal politics.


This conference takes place in the month of October or November, depending on the parliamentary schedule. All Advocacy Week participants are required to abide by CASA's Code of Conduct

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