“Opening the Door” CASA Brief

The last report on post-secondary education by the Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology was published in 1997. Steps toward this report had been taken for years, but elections caused the research done by the committee to be delayed. This recent release marks research that has been ongoing, the committee held 19 meetings on this subject from October 2009 to June 2010. Numerous witnesses were called to testify to the committee, including CASA in April 2010. 

Opening the Door made 22 recommendations aimed at reducing barriers to post-secondary education. Some of the recommendations reflect recent developments, but most have been on CASA’s radar for some time. This briefing will focus on those recommendations where CASA had recently outlined advocacy priorities.

The following outlines specific recommendations in the report that mirror recommendations that CASA has been putting forth on reducing barriers to post-secondary education. Where possible it will show which parts of CASA’s specific recommendations were adopted into the committee’s report and on when advocacy was conducted on these points. We also make an effort to identify recommendations the committee has made on which CASA does not have formal policy and may wish to explore.

Read CASA's brief here. 

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“Opening the Door” CASA Brief
“Opening the Door” CASA Brief
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