Students Welcome Substantial Investment in Youth Employment Opportunities


Ottawa, February 12th, 2016 – The Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) welcomes the substantial investment to the Canada Summer Jobs Program announced today by the Government of Canada. A total of 70,000 post-secondary students now have the opportunity to acquire gainful work experience as they transition from school to the labour force.

“We are extremely pleased to see the federal government taking students’ priorities and youth employment seriously”, said Erik Queenan, Board Chair to the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations. With the youth unemployment rate double that of the general population, graduates face a precarious labour market. “This investment is a strong indication of this government’s willingness to support young Canadians through career-related work experiences”, added Queenan.

Paid work opportunities for students continue to be linked to strong employment outcomes post-graduation. Initiatives like today’s announcement are imperative in ensuring students’ begin their careers with the necessary experience to achieve success.

“By investing in young Canadians, the federal government has shown a sincere commitment in aiding a highly educated generation that struggles to find good-quality jobs”, added Queenan.


About CASA  Established in 1995, the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) is a non-partisan, not-for-profit national student organization composed of 21 student associations representing 250,000 post-secondary students from coast to coast. CASA advocates for a Canadian post-secondary education system that is accessible, affordable, innovative, and of the highest quality.


Matthew Rios, Government and Stakeholder Relations Officer


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