On November 24th 2022, CASA had the honour of meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during Advocacy Week 2022. What was meant to be a quick photo opportunity and acknowledgment of the Liberal government’s removal of interest on Canada Student Loans turned into a forty minute-long meeting during which the Prime Minister asked each member for their concerns and opinions. CASA board members had the opportunity to discuss many issues affecting students across Canada, such as graduate student tri-council funding, student mental health, cost of living and housing, international student concerns, access to Canada Student Grants and many more issues. CASA is honoured to bring the voices of students cross Canada directly into the Prime Minister’s office once again, and we are immensely proud of all of our members for their advocacy work. Thank you again to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for this incredible opportunity



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CASA Meets With Prime Minister Justin Trudeau During Advocacy Week 2022
CASA Meets With Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
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