Foundations Conference 2020 More Details

Who can attend?

CASA members, Quebec Student Union members, and non-member student associations with Observer Status can attend.

When is the registration deadline?

The deadline to register for CASA's 2019 Foundations Conference is Tuesday, May 19th.

How do I access the call?

CASA will provide information on how to access the Zoom call via email to anyone who completes the registration process.

What does it cost?

CASA members are each permitted to send two delegates completely free of charge. Quebec Student Union (QSU) members should contact a representative of the QSU for information on the spaces available. Non-members of CASA and QSU (also called observers) are required to hold a valid CASA observer status and pay a fee of $150 CAD per person. Everyone must budget appropriately to cover the cost of travel, as well as food and accommodation throughout the duration of the event.

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Foundations Conference 2020 More Details
Foundations Conference 2020 More Details
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