CASA advocates for a post-secondary education system that is accessible, affordable, innovative, and of the highest quality. 

A key aspect of achieving this system is upholding the right for students to access information. With regards to the ongoing review of the Copyright Act, CASA strongly believes that fair dealing for educational purposes should be preserved. Fair dealing for such purposes has proven instrumental in reducing barriers to learning, fostering innovation, and enhancing the quality of post-secondary education in Canada. In Copyright Matters: Protecting Fair Dealing for Education, CASA recommends a number of changes that can me made to improve students’ access to digital learning materials. As post-secondary institutions increasingly shift towards more digital learning materials, it is imperative that the federal government protect educational fair dealing under the Copyright Act.

For the full list of recommendations, read the full Copyright Matters document at the attached PDF.

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Copyright Matters: Protecting Fair Dealing for Education
Copyright Matters: Protecting Fair Dealing for Education
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