Christian Fotang

University of Alberta Student Union 
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Christian Fotang is the Vice President External at the University of Alberta Students' Union (UASU), a Bachelor of Science student studying Biology and Psychology. Christian is grateful for the opportunity to serve once more as Chair of the Board of Directors. 

Christian hopes to use his prior experience in advocacy and awareness campaigns to promote the student voice at the Federal level. Having served as Chair for CASA for the winter semester of 2022, Christian understands how thousands of students nationwide have benefitted from CASA’s advocacy work. He is humbled by the trust placed in him by membership and is optimistic for the future ahead of student advocacy. Fueled by the stories of students' lived experiences, the dedication of student leaders across our post-secondary community, and the experience and wisdom of our home office staff Christian is prepared to fight for students for a more accessible and affordable Post-Secondary system.

When not busy talking about advocacy and student governance, you can find Christian equally passionate about soccer, bike rides in the Edmonton River Valley, trying (although terribly) to learn Norwegian on Duolingo, and debating the merits of ketchup on steak, pineapple on pizza, and milkshakes on fries!

If you ever like to have fierce debates about food or discuss how we can advance the student movement from coast to coast to coast, feel free to reach out to him!

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Christian Fotang - Board Chair, CASA
Christian Fotang
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