CASA Responds: Violence at the University of Waterloo

The recent act of gender based violence that occurred on campus at the University of Waterloo is an alarming event for students and institution staff. This targeted attack against marginalized groups is an unacceptable act to occur at any post-secondary institution. Students deserve to attend their classes and staff deserve to conduct their work without fear of violence; no matter their identity. 

CASA recognizes the victims of the June 28th attack; a professor and two students, and wishes them a smooth recovery in the wake of the senseless violence they experienced.

CASA strongly condemns all acts of hate, prejudice and violence committed on post-secondary campuses. Students across the country have made their concerns and needs surrounding campus safety known, and CASA fully supports the efforts made by these students to ensure their campuses remain safe, tolerant and accepting places to conduct their studies.

Students can access resources to cope with this recent attack at the links below. CASA encourages students to utilize these resources in the wake of on-campus, gender based violence.

Trans Lifeline: 877-330-6366

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CASA Responds: Violence at the University of Waterloo
CASA Responds: Violence at the University of Waterloo
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