Yana Titarenko

Mount Allison Students' Union

Yana is a 5th year Bachelors of Science student majoring in Psychology and double minoring in Biology and Political Science. Originally from Kiev, Ukraine, Yana has lived more than half of her life in Fredericton NB but has spent the last four years (including summers) in Sackville! She is serving her second term on the Board of Director and is the current President for the Mount Allison Students’ Union (MASU) and Chair of the New Brunswick Student Alliance (NBSA). 

Yana was the Vice President External Affairs of the MASU during the 2018-19 year along with having been the Director at-Large, Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) for CASA. 

This year, Yana is looking forward to her role as the Director at-Large with once again placing a focus on EDI. Yana wants to continue the work started by her committee on the pilot Member Sponsorship Program to reduce financial barriers for Indigenous Students being around the CASA decision making table. Additionally, she wants to begin implementing some of the recommendations put forward in the 3 year EDI Strategic Plan. Overall, she is looking forward to working with the membership and the Board of Directors to improve the organization so that it best represents all students that attend post-secondary education.

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Yana Titarenko
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