What ID do I need to vote?


To vote you need to prove your name and current address. There are three ways of doing this:

1)   Show one piece of government ID.

  • Drivers license or
  • Provincial card
  • Not a passport

2)   Show two pieces of ID. Both must have your name and one must have your current address.

  • Example A: credit card (name only) and phone bill (name and address)
  • Example B: social insurance number (name only) and bank statement (name and address)
  • Example C: passport (name only) and lease (name and address)
  • See full list of accepted ID here

3)   Take an Oath. If none of your ID have your current address.

  • Show two pieces of ID with your name and
  • Have someone who knows you attest to your address
  • This person must show proof of identity and address, and
  • Be registered in the same polling division,
  • Each individual can only offer one oath

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