Sean Mackenzie

University of New Brunswick Student Union
[email protected]

Sean MacKenzie is the President of the University of New Brunswick Student Union (UNBSU). He is in his fourth-year of Computer Science with a minor in History. One of his biggest goals is to expand experiential learning opportunities throughout all areas of study. This is Sean's second year in student politics, but, it is his first year serving in an executive role.

Sean's focus this year as the elected Treasurer is to provide regular updates on CASA's finances to the members. He believes that this will open up more opportunities for members to engage in conversations about the organization's finances. In addition, he believes the best way to do this is to provide detailed breakdowns of the budget so that it is easier for membership to understand where money is going. Sean is very excited to be able to engage members in the finances of the organization and helping them have a strong understanding of how this money is helping students.

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Sean Mackenzie - Treasurer, CASA
Sean Mackenzie
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