Policy and Strategy Conference 2018

Join us for our biggest working conference of the year, where we determine the priority advocacy areas for the year and delve into our student-led committee work. This year's Policy and Strategy Conference will take place in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

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Who can attend?

Anyone who currently works for a student association at a Canadian university, college, or polytechnic is welcome to attend. This includes delegates from our member associations as well as those who are not members but are curious about CASA (we call you observers).


When is it?

Policy and Strategy 2018 will be held from Monday, July 23rd at 5:00 pm to Thursday July 26th. On July 26th we will host our closing plenary, so please understand that the conference could end later than expected that day.


Where is it?

This year, Policy and Strategy is being held at the Thea Koerner House Graduate Student Centre at the University of British Columbia (UBC). For accommodations, CASA has a room block reserved for delegates at the Place Vanier residences, on UBC campus. This room block will be available until June 22nd only, and due to limited spaces in the summer months, will be treated on a first come first serve basis. For that reason, we encourage delegates to book their accommodations as quickly as possible. Book here now.

Participants are responsible for booking and covering the cost of their accommodation. If desired, participants are welcome to stay at a different accommodation, though this may require arranging transportation to the conference each day.




How will I get there?

Delegates are expected to make their own travel arrangements. This may include renting a car, taking the train, or booking a flight to the Vancouver International Airport.


How much does it cost to register?

  • CASA members: FREE - Generally speaking, associations send two representatives to CASA conferences. However, if you would like to send an additional person or two, you are more than welcome to.
  • Observers (non-members): FREE for up to 2 people from each association. If an observer association wishes to bring more than 2 people, each additional person will be charged a $300 registration fee.

All participants, including members, must cover their own transportation, accommodation, and meal costs.


Is there a conference schedule I can look at?

Coming soon.


Observer Guidelines

Code of Conduct

  1. As is the case with all participants at CASA’s conferences, observers are required to abide by CASA’s Code of Conduct.

Participation during CASA Conferences

  1. Members shall decide before the beginning of any breakout sessions, committee meetings or other similar informal planning sessions held by CASA members, what rules they wish members to adhere to for the session in question, and shall be responsible for communicating those rules to observers prior to the session commencing.
  2. Observer schools are encouraged to participate in discussions, ask questions of member schools, and otherwise to engage in lines of inquiry that help clarify for themselves the nature of CASA operations, policy and advocacy goals. 



  1. Observer schools are invited to view the plenary session, but will not be permitted to sit at the plenary table.
  2. Speaking permissions can be given to an observer by a CASA member school.
  3. The membership, at its own discretion, can, by a majority vote, choose to enter in an “in-camera” session during plenary. Should this occur, all observers and non-members are required to leave the room.


Social Media

You're encouraged to post and tweet about the event using the hashtag #PoliStrat2018. While you're at it, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!


Note: All attendees are required to abide by CASA's Code of Conduct.



If at any time you need to speak to a CASA staff member about the conference or schedule, you can email homeoffice@casa.ca or text/call 613-266-2272.



Registration for this conference is now closed.

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Policy and Strategy Conference 2018
Policy and Strategy Conference 2018
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