Melissa Ghidoni

Red River College Students' Association
[email protected]

Melissa is the Vice President External Affairs at the Red River College Students’ Association (RRCSA) in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Previously graduating in 2019 with a Business Administration Diploma, she is currently studying Human Resources Management. This is Melissa’s second year as a student executive with the RRCSA, as well as a CASA delegate. Prior to being elected a student executive, she served a term as the Women’s Rights Advocate on the RRCSA board.

This year as Secretary, Melissa is looking forward to working with CASA staff and the Governance and Internal Review Committee to oversee CASA’s governing documents, as well as working to create the next strategic plan for the organization. Melissa brings a wealth of governance knowledge and experience with her to CASA, as she led the RRCSA’s bylaw overhaul and creation of a new strategic plan in the 2019-2020 year. As last year’s National Advocacy Committee Secretary, Melissa is excited to step up and fulfill a larger role in the organization. 

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Melissa Ghidoni - Secretary, CASA
Melissa Ghidoni
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