Gurvir Gill

University of the Fraser Valley Student Union Society

Gurvir Gill, more commonly known as “G”, is from the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV), where he was elected as Vice President External of the Student Union Society. He has just completed his Bachelor of Arts with concentrations in Business and Communications. Gurvir focused his years in office on creating opportunities for his students. He's grown the organization to be in a good place for increased engagement and operation expansions.
G's focus this year as the elected Treasurer is to engage the membership when it comes to the organization's budget. G plans to do this by providing monthly budget updates to members, and by making the budget more easily digestible. As well, G plans to help CASA run this year's Get Out The Vote campaign. As a returning Board member, G envisions playing a big role in helping the membership understand the organization's financials and in getting students out to vote during the election.

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Gurvir Gill
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