About Get Out The Vote

Our campaign was constructed to be aspirational and in truly believing that students can and should have a say in how politics unfold in Canada. The Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) believes that the best way to make a difference is to ensure we dramatically enhance voter participation amongst students. If we don't speak up, we can't expect to be heard. On October 19th, join us in having your voice heard.

Established in 1995, CASA is a non-partisan, not-for-profit national student organization composed of 22 student associations representing over 250,000 post-secondary students from coast to coast. CASA advocates for a Canadian post-secondary education system that is accessible, affordable, innovative, and of the highest quality.

Below are a few questions that we hope will provide you with some insight into our campaign. For more information on this campaign or CASA, please contact us.

Why is CASA running this campaign?

  1. We live and work in a political sphere where votes equate to political influence. In other words, there is a direct correlation between the lack of youth participation in elections and the lack of emphasis on youth issues by the federal government.

  2. We truly believe this campaign can and will make an impact. It's easy to run an issue-based campaign, or a partisan campaign, but CASA wanted to push itself and be aspirational in its approach to this election. We recognize that students aren't binary and care about issues across a broad spectrum. That is why we are taking a non-partisan, non-issue based approach, focusing solely on voter mobilization.

  3. Our organization is best placed to make this kind of impact in regards to voter mobilization. Our members are strategically placed across the country and have the means and established frameworks to enable this campaign to succeed.

What is CASA trying to accomplish?


CASA has decided to put its fullest efforts behind dramatically increasing voter turnout on our participating campuses.

What is CASA's strategy?


Our campaign is rooted in evidence-based methodology, which employs best practices to ensure campaign objectives are met. Essentially, the campaign is moving away from a traditional issue-based campaign and implementing a targeted and professionalized non-partisan voter mobilization campaign. It will emphasize the importance of getting students to commit to vote, and then follow up to ensure students have the necessary information to get to the polls. CASA has partnered with nationally recognized organizations to ensure it executes a campaign that is professionalized and built for success. The campaign approach is based on infusing traditional face-to-face pledge based canvassing, and a comprehensive digital database. Using these two key components, our voter mobilization campaign will ensure our participating student associations will be able to follow up with prospective student voters with crucial touch points, ensuring they vote.

Voting FAQ

Get all the details on when, where and how to vote.