Faisal Hejazi

Brock University Students' Union

Faisal Hejazi has completed his degree in Medical Sciences, and is now serving as President and CEO of the Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU). Faisal was elected to serve as a Director-at-Large for CASA with a focus on communication and transparency.

He has been heavily involved in the Brock community in multiple capacities including: Medplus, working for Brock ITS, helping to create a not-for-profit organization (Playmakers Foundation), conducting research, serving on the Brock University Senate, volunteering on and off campus, serving as a councillor for the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences and, most recently, serving as the Vice President of Finance & Administration for BUSU.

In his role as Director-at-Large he plans on making sure that CASA has a strong, positive and relevant social media presence on issues related to post-secondary education (PSE) in Canada. He also plans on making information, policy documentation, and PSE updates more accessible to all students across the country. Faisal will have a hand in external/internal member relations with a particular focus on engagement and participation in direction setting processes of the organization. He is looking forward to working with students across the nation that come from diverse backgrounds and experiences to making a strong PSE system in Canada.