Brandon Simmons

Athabasca University Students' Union

Brandon Simmons has been involved in student politics and CASA since 2015. He has held every executive position at the Athabasca University Students’ Union and is returning this year as president once again. He currently lives in Parkland County Alberta with his wife, three daughters, and son. He has been working on his Bachelor of Commerce Degree and is now in the process of applying to begin a Master of Business Administration program. 

Brandon used to work as a public accountant and enjoyed the study of corporate governance which led him to the student union.  He loved the work that they were doing so much that he left his accounting job so that he could focus on advocating for students across Canada. He looks forward to being able to continue to improve CASA’s governance throughout the year in addition to helping support the rest of the board with their initiatives. He is especially excited to help launch CASA’s second Get Out the Vote campaign.

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Brandon Simmons
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