House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance: 2015 Federal budget priorities

Since 2008 the Government of Canada has taken important steps to stabilize Canada’s economy, through measures such as investing in education, skills and training. Despite this, Canadians know that there is still uncertainty in the economic landscape and that more needs to be done. While there is no panacea for long-term economic stability, a highly trained and educated population is at the core of creating a stable and prosperous economic future. An educated population helps to grow the economy and creates more opportunities for those looking to join Canada’s labour force. With that goal in mind, the Government of Canada should take an active role in improving student financial assistance in a way that targets those who need it most and supports middle class families.

The current student financial aid system enables thousands of Canadians to access education and skills training. While students benefit from every dollar that is invested in student financial aid, it is Canada as a whole who reaps the benefits from an educated population. Getting people back to work will be dependent on first getting people back to school. The Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) is calling on the federal government to lead Canada in that endeavor and eliminate barriers for education and retraining.

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